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TOUCH-UP TONIC is self tanning water mist that is suitable for all skin tones. Because there is no guide colour - it is a buildable glow, giving a rich, yet natural looking tanning with zero orange. Super hydrating and nourishing to the skin, essential designed for the face but can be used head to toe! Enriched with Anti-oxidants + Rose Water for extra hydration and glow.

GOLDEN MYLK IS ALL THE THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT OUR BEST SELLING MOUSSES, BUT SHE'S EXTRA NOURISHING. Infused with a rich emollients and vitamins -including vitamin e and c to hydrate, protect and glow the skin.

PAW PROTECTOR TANNING MITT is used to seamlessly blend all self tanning products on to the face and body.

Who is this kit for? Those who want to maintain a self tan longer or keep a subtle glow all year.

  • Instant natural looking colour
  • Hydrating Formulas for face & body
  • Easy to apply tonic, no guide colour for no transfer
  • Vegan friendly, paraben-free formula