It was 2012....Mel was a professional airbrush makeup artist at the time. While the look of "JLO GLOW" was getting trendy (and also Mel's signature touch with clients...as she learned from the master himself... Scott Barnes!) ..safe sun was the mission. Mel perfected the glow with makeup but too many clients were in need of sunburn and tan line coverups...and makeup wasn't cutting it. To keep things simple and offer another service, Mel began spray tanning. What originally was just a quick solution to safe sun and tan correcting...quickly become an art in itself. Clientele grew and the business continued as a mobile spray tan business for 5+ years. 

The Full Story

It wasn't the intention to become a glow guru, but when clients would transform...literally, within an appointment - the confidence that was sparked left Mel feeling super connected to clients.
Using colour theory from her artist background, corrective and NATURAL looking tans were key. Mel began mixing formulas and creating "recipes" curated specially for her clients.
From there, the knowledge in tanning lead her to eventually become a national  educator in Canada for a popular global self tanning brand.  Her knowledge in skincare ingredients, self tanning, application and techniques lead her to become a "glow guru" amongst clients.
In 2020, when the pandemic hit - Mel was missing the connection with her clients, and decided to go all in with bringing the custom tan experience at home, effortlessly. Determine to stay connected, and devoted to making clients feel good, COOL GIRL SUMMER MOUSSE was launched. The intent was to be a temporary solution to not being able to service clients, but due to it's success and demand - the brand has since expanded.
Whether you are a novice or intermediate to self tanning... you can achieve the most natural glow at home.


THE MG Commitment:

Cleaner and beneficial ingredients
Customized Tanning
Corrective Colour Tanning 
Easy to prep, apply and maintain
NATURAL looking 
Vegan + Cruelty - Free

 Ingredients with Purpose:

Anti-aging, anti-oxidant, hydration and calming ingredients. The more nourished your skin, the more better your glow!
  • Vitamin C - antioxidant and brightening 
  • Vitamin B - energizes and helps prevent aging
  • Rosehip oil - (Vitamin A + C) helps boosts collagen, hydrating, protecting and improved texture of skin
  • Cucumber Extract- anti oxidant, hydration, anti inflammatory, can help firm and tighten the skin
  • Beet Extract - (high in Vitamin C) glow from within! anti aging and anti inflammatory *also help counteract dullness in overall tan - used in Violet Solutions
  • Cocoa Seed Butter - replenishes skins natural moisture barrier
  • Coconut Water - (Vitamins, A + C, K B Complex) helps tighten, restore skin's elasticity, acts as a natural toner, gives an instant glow, anti aging prevention, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory,  



with love,  XO
Mel O - Founder, MELOGLOW