There's a couple reasons why I started spray tanning a few years ago, but let me start with the most important... it made my clients feel good. As a makeup artist, my signature look is about giving clients a natural, yet glowing look that enhances their features and makes them feel fantastic for their special day, event, or photoshoot. 

Brides began coming to me with so many skin concerns for their big day - tan lines, blotchiness, redness, uneven skin tone. Things that to anyone wouldn't be a big deal - but on camera to a bride on her special day, it would stay out. So I knew if I was going to commit to a new service, I had to master it. I was THE girl of glow - I needed to deliver!

Things that were important to me (and are the true nature of the brand now): 

  • Clean, safe and beneficial ingredients
  • Everyone could use it
  • Customized tanning (I was an airbrush makeup artist - so I was naturally doing this with makeup..)
  • Corrective* tanning (balancing areas of the face and body to look natural and seamless)
  • Easy to prep and maintain
  • AND of course...NATURAL looking. Sure we could deliver all depths - but still looking natural.

And I did just that. Regular clients for almost 8 years, customizing their tans for special events, weddings, vacations, etc. 

When the pandemic hit, (more in ABOUT section); I knew it was time to release all of THAT but in a easy and effortless at home formula so that my clients could take MELOGLOW to the next level. 

It was a limited edition idea until the world commenced, but here we are expanding the line due to the overwhelm response and feedback from our OG clients and NEW MG family <3

That being said, hello 2021! And welcome to MELOGLOW 2.0 - stay tuned for my tanning tips and of course...new innovation ;) 

Committed to the above forever and ever,