FAQ - The Art Of Self Tanning

We see self tanning, like makeup - an art. Because MELOGLOW was developed by a makeup artist, the primary foundation of our brand is that everyone can effortlessly achieve a natural looking tan at home. Here are the top Q's we get about the GLOW.


Will I go Orange?

NO NO NO! We get it, you've seen the awful orange tans out there - but we assure our undertone system delivers zero orange. Be sure to follow prep and application instructions for a flawless tan.

How do I avoid Streaks?

Simply put - your prep process is KEY to a flawless, even tan. We also recommend our Paw Protector Tanning Mitt (designed to effortless blend in product without absorbing and wasting).

What happens when I go blotchy?

A couple things could happen here. 1) You didn't prep properly or follow a good maintenance after your self tan  2) You have super dry skin and need additional moisture in those areas 3) TOO much DHA buildup. Yes! There is such thing as too much self tanner. We often see this when people choose a formula too dark for their skin or continue to build up a dark - ultra dark formula everyday. If you're looking to deepen your glow - we recommend wait 24 hours after your first rinse to apply a second layer (double dip) then following with our Golden Mylk 3 days later. 

NOTE TO DRIER SKIN TYPES: We recommend best products for drier skin types here.

How to Self Tan properly?

Prep ahead! You MUST exfoliate for an even glow. Use our guidelines accordingly for the perfect recipe to the best tan possible. You also want to consider your tan maintenance *see next Q

How long does a self tan last? Can I make it last longer?

The proper PREP (exfoliate, shave, hydrate in dry areas) + The most important thing is hydrating the skin accordingly and avoiding things that strip tan quickly (AHA's, BHA's, MINERAL OIL, FRAGRANCES, CHEMICAL/MECHANICAL EXFOLIANTS, HOT HOT WATER).

Does it protect again sun damage?

No. Continue to protect your skin in the sun (again being mindful of ingredients above to avoid)

How do I do my hands, feet and back?

Apply a generous amount of moisturizer WITH mineral oil or a heavy emollient base to act as a barrier before self tan application. Whatever product is left on mitt to swipe on tops of feet and hands. Use a baby wipe or cloth to remove from nails, in between toes/fingers and palms. 

*You can also use Touch Up Tonic on tops of feet and hands with one gentle spritz - then blend in with tanning mitt.

For back -  you can put your mitt on a back scratcher, loofah stick or a good ol' kitchen spoon and apply product gently to mitt then blend. Additionally, you can resort to Touch Up Tonic, again - spritzing the back and  blend with mitt.

What does 100% Natural DHA mean?

DHA is the active ingredient (derived from sugar) that actually transform the skin into a tan. Ours is non-synthetic, naturally derived.

How to remove old self tan?

Soak in warm water for 10 minutes then gently exfoliate away the old skin. We recommend our Happy Glow Exfoliating Mitt - but any exfoliating mitt will do. If the tan is stubborn soak longer or add baby oil to help remove quicker. (NOTE: do not add baby oil if you are planning on using our exfoliating mitt as it can damage the mitt - it is made to be used with water). 

What does custom self tanning mean?

Because we see self tanning as an art - there's NO rules to how you build your perfect glow. Ok, well maybe a few... but we keep it easy for you 3 easy steps: 

1) Pick your depth (medium, dark, ultra dark)
2) Pick your desired undertone - golden tan (warmer) or bronze tan (cooler)
3) Pick a hybrid product (something that allows you to hydrate and build your tan + customize depth and (if you choose to make areas light or darker)

Hybrid Products: Touch Up Tonic, Face Oil Glow Drops, Golden Mylk


Hope that helps! If you have another self tan Q - feel free to email us info@meloglow.com